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Windows 7 Ultimate

This is the most universal and advanced edition of Windows 7 family. It combines simplicity of use, entertainment functions from Home editions and business functionality of Professional edition, including Windows XP mode which lets you run business application made for Windows XP. To increase the security even further data can be encrypted using BitLocker or iBitLocker To Go. You can also use it in 35 different languages and change them on the fly. All of this can be found in Windows 7 Ultimate.


Advanced backup? No problem

Backup and restore function gives you the comfort of not worrying about your apps or data. Simply set up automatic backup on an external or network drive and just enjoy using the computer. In case of hard drive failure you can restore apps and data from your external drive and continue where you left off.

Perfect system for the most demanding

Thanks to many useful functionalities, working on your PC will be much faster and more effective than ever before. Windows 7 Ultimate sets a high standard for interaction with printers, projectors and network. Windows XP function allows you to use programs compatible with Windows XP, which will make your work more effective because of high speed and stability of the operating system and thanks to native support for multi-core processors you can run multiple apps at the same time


Home Group Share your files

In Windows 7 you can easily share documents, music, pictures, videos and even printers with everyone in your family or office. The operating system lets you choose what is to be shared and what is to remain private or read-only. Are you afraid of losing data? No need to thanks to setting a password for your home group your common data will be available to only those who know the password.


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